LinkIt Assist 2502 Resources

LinkIt Assist 2502 Resources include downloads, documentation and training to develop Wearables and IoT application with LinkIt Assist 2502 development platform.

For an overview of the platform, visit here.


The LinkIt Assist 2502 SDK 2.0 provides a plug-in for Eclipse IDE (with CDT) to enable software coding, and includes tools to update firmware on and upload software to the LinkIt Assist 2502 development board.

Current Release 2.0.46: First developer release. 


  • C API runtime environment.
  • Compiles projects into LinkIt Assist 2502 execution file format (.vxp).
  • LinkIt Assist 2502 API libraries provide communication functions for:
    • TCP sockets.
    • HTTPS.
    • Bluetooth 4.0 GATT and more.
  • User interface through LCM display module with support for vector fonts (powered by etrump), graphics, compression, and more.
  • Compatible with Eclipse IDE (Indigo) with CDT plug-in (8.0.2 or later).
  • Supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Software developed with the LinkIt Assist 2502 SDK can also run on the LinkIt ONE development board with some limitations, see the MediaTek LinkIt Assist 2502 Developer’s Guide for more details.

Additional Resources

  • FAQ: Get answers to the most common technical and business questions about the LinkIt Assist 2502 development platform.
  • Forums: Discover answers to technical questions and, once you've registered your MediaTek Labs account, pose questions to our technical gurus and exchange views with the Labs community.