Getting Started

Welcome to the LinkIt ONE get started guide. This guide takes you through the essential steps from setting up your development environment to running an example project on the LinkIt ONE development board.

The get started guide is divided into sections, each section includes summary steps (so you can speed through if you are already familiar with Arduino based development boards and a detailed step-by-step guide.


Using your LinkIt ONE development board with Arduino IDE 1.6.6 or later on a Windows PC.


Using your LinkIt ONE development board with Arduino IDE  1.6.6 or later on an Apple OS X Computer.

AWS IoT Starter Kit

If you have purchased the    MediaTek LinkIt™ ONE and Grove IoT Starter Kit Powered by AWS    or want to get started with the Amazon IoT cloud using the LinkIt ONE development board, check out the    Get Started with AWS IoT Services on the LinkIt™ ONE Development Platform    guide.