Create and run your first sketch

You can now create your first sketch in the Arduino IDE and run it on your development board. You’ll use the example Blink sketch, which turns one of the boards LEDs on for one second and then off for one second, repeatedly.

Quick steps:

  • Open the example Blink sketch.
  • Upload the sketch to your board.
  • Watch the LED blink on the board.


Step 1 — Create your first project 

  1. In Arduino IDE on the File menu point to Examples, then 01. Basics and click Blink, this opens the Blink example, as shown below. 

Step 2 — Upload the sketch to your board 

  1. Confirm that your board is in SPI mode, by checking the SPI/SD Card switch shown below. The switch should be in the position closest the LED. 

  2. On the File menu, click Upload, or click the upload icon as shown below. 

  3. Wait for a moment. If everything is correct, a Done Uploading message will display in the Arduino IDE. 


Step 3 — Watch the LED blink on the board

Now, the LED for the digital pin 13 on the LinkIt ONE development board, shown below, will start blinking on and off every second. 

Congratulations, you've run your first LinkIt ONE sketch; you're now ready to start creating the next generation of Wearable and IoT devices with your LinkIt ONE development board and the LinkIt ONE SDK.