Get Started with AWS IoT Services on the LinkIt™ ONE Development Platform

Welcome to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Services for LinkIt ONE development platform get started guide — whether you’re using a PC or Mac to develop; this guide takes you through the process to get a simple AWS IoT Services example application running on your board.

AWS IoT Services support for the LinkIt ONE development board enables secure communication between proof-of-concept projects and Amazon’s IoT optimized cloud. AWS IoT Services uses message queuing telemetry support (MQTT) and HTTP as its communication protocols. To support this on the LinkIt ONE development board the mbed TLS library for LinkIt ONE (a version of the mbed TLS library) is provided to offer Transport Layer Security (TLS). This library easily integrates with new and existing (embedded) applications and provides the building blocks for secure communication, cryptography and key management.

If this is the first time you have used the LinkIt ONE development board, please refer to the LinkIt ONE Get Started guide for the basics of installing and configuring your board and the Arduino IDE.

Once you’ve setup your LinkIt ONE development environment and are familiar with the development process, this guide covers:

  • The additional software you need.
  • Creating a certificate for device or application communication.
  • Creating your first AWS IoT Services application.

Note: This guide is based on use of Windows, unless otherwise noted the process is the same on Mac OSX. 

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