LinkIt Smart 7688 Resources

On this page you can find downloads, documentation, and training courses that will help you make the most of the MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 and LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo development platforms.

If you need an overview of the platform, please visit the platform introduction page.


For instructions to update the firmware, please refer to the tutorials.

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Release Note

The LinkIt Smart 7688 firmware v0.9.4 update contains new features, bug fixes, and stability improvements:

  • Support Wi-Fi Repeater mode
  • Improve the Wi-Fi throughput under Station mode
  • Solved the issue that clients cannot see each other when connecting to the 7688 AP
  • Fixed the issue that MRAA SPI frequency() API did not work

For using the Repeater mode, please refer to the tutorial. Note: the UCI commands for switching to AP or Station mode have also been changed. Check the corresponding tutorials (for AP and for Station) for the new commands.

Additional Resources

Forums : Discover answers to technical questions and, once you’ve registered your MediaTek Labs account, pose questions to our technical gurus and exchange views with the Labs community.

FAQ : Get answers to the most common technical and business questions about the LinkIt Smart 7688 development platform.

Limitation and Known Issues : There are some HW limitations in MT7688AN and known issues in the platforms. Here we summarize these information for reference: