LinkIt Smart 7688 Developer’s Guide 

This document provides you with an introduction to the MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 development platform, with:

  • Detailed description of the two development boards.
  • A guide to the options for programming device applications.
  • Information on the software development and board configuration tools.
  • Advice on how to code peripheral control on the MediaTek LinkIt 7688 and 7688 Duo boards.
  • A guide to troubleshooting development issues.
Pin-out diagram for the LinkIt Smart 7688

Pin-out diagram showing pin definitions of the HDK.

Pin-out diagram for the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo

Hardware Reference Design for LinkIt Smart 7688Contains board schematics and layout in PDF and SchDoc/PcbDoc formats, as well as copies of the pin-out diagrams.
Hardware Reference Design for LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo
Graphics of LinkIt Smart 7688Fritzing, EMF and SVG diagrams.
Graphics of LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo

MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 Certificates

FCC (US), CE (Europe) and NCC (Taiwan) certificates.

MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo Certificates



MediaTek MT7688 DatasheetMT7688AN chipset datasheet.
MediaTek MT7688 SPI Slave Programming GuideExplains the protocol and register information when using MT7688 as a SPI slave device.