On this page you can find downloads for documentation, software and tools that will help you make the most of the MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 development platform.

Software and Tools

The LinkIt Smart 7688 software and tools deliver the latest board firmware and bootloader, as well as the tools to enable the development of device software in native C for OpenWrt and using Arduino. In addition, support for Python and Node.js is included in the board firmware. To view a list of pre-installed package on the platform, click here.

These software and tools applies both to LinkIt Smart 7688 and LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo.

Firmware(lks7688.img)  0.9.4

The LinkIt Smart 7688 firmware v0.9.4 update contains new features, bug fixes, and stability improvements:

  • Support Wi-Fi Repeater mode
  • Improve the Wi-Fi throughput under Station mode
  • Solved the issue that clients cannot see each other when connecting to the 7688 AP
  • Fixed the issue that MRAA SPI frequency() API did not work

For using the Repeater mode, please refer to the tutorial. Note: the UCI commands for switching to AP or Station mode have also been changed. Check the corresponding tutorials (for AP and for Station) for the new commands.

For firmware upgrade instructions, please refer to the tutorials .



The LinkIt Smart 7688 firmware v0.9.3 is an update from v0.9.2. The new firmware supports the following features: 

  • OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1
  • USB 2.0 EHCI mode
  • Audio recording function with WM8960 through the I2S interface
  • IP/MAC address query using the Wi-Fi button
  • Stability improvement of I2C communication
  • SPI data transmission issue fix (now operates in half duplex mode)

For firmware upgrade instructions, please refer to the  tutorials .

Firmware(lks7688.img)  0.9.2Initial developer release.

The bootloader of the system is written with UBOOT and provided as a separate binary(lks7688.ldr).

For bootloader upgrade instructions, please refer to the  tutorials .

OpenWrt SDK for C/C++ for Linux


The OpenWrt SDK provides the tools to create native C applications for the platform. A set of tested packages are included in the platform, but development can also make use of any of the over 2000 OpenWrt packages available. To get started, check out the Beginner’s Guide to OpenWrt .

SDK version 0.9.1 works with firmware version 0.9.1 and later.

OpenWrt SDK for C/C++ for OS X0.9.1
C/C++ Toolchain for Linux0.9.1
C/C++ Toolchain for OS X0.9.1

Python and Node.js

Support for Python and Node.js applications is provided by OpenWrt packages installed in the boards’ firmware. Development can be undertaken with your favourite Python or JavaScript editor or IDE.

To get started check out:


Development with Arduino is supported by an Arduino Board Manager configuration file that is downloaded as part of the configuration of the Arduino IDE.

To get started check out the Get Started with the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo Development Board.