to the web UI

Now you can open the board’s Web UI, where you’ll set the board’s configuration in subsequent steps. To do this:

  • Power up your board.
  • On your computer, search for the LinkIt_Smart_7688_XXXXXX Wi-Fi access point (XXXXXX is the MAC address) and connect to the board.
  • Open http://mylinkit.local, set a password and sign into the LinkIt Smart 7688 Web UI.

NextUpdate your board's firmware.

Step 1 — Power up your board using a micro-USB cable

Plug one end of a Micro USB cable into the power connector of the LinkIt Smart 7688 development board and the other end of the cable to a USB power source, such as your computer, as shown below, or a USB power adapter. Make sure you connect the cable to the Power (PWR) connector, not the USB host (HOST) connector near the MPU reset button. The Power LED (Green) will light up first, followed by the Wi-Fi LED (Orange) which will blink once. Then, after about 4 to 5 seconds, the Wi-Fi LED will light up to indicate the bootloader has initialized.

Providing power to the LinkIt Smart 7688 board

Then boot up process begins, which takes about 30 seconds. Next, the Wi-Fi LED turns off; this means the system is ready to accept a Wi-Fi connection. The figure below shows how the Wi-Fi LED status matches the system state.

Step 2 — Connect your PC to the LinkIt_Smart_7688_XXXXXX AP

Open the Wi-Fi connection utility on your computer and connect to the access point named LinkIt_Smart_7688_1B09F3 (1B09F3 is the MAC address and will be different for your board), as shown below.

The orange LED will blink three times per second after you’ve connected to the LinkIt_Smart_7688_1B09F3 AP. This indicates the board is in AP mode.

Note that once you’ve connected to the LinkIt Smart 7688 AP, your computer may no longer have access to the internet — as it’s now joined the Local Area Network (LAN) formed by the LinkIt Smart 7688 development board, as shown below.

You’ll learn how to connect the LinkIt Smart 7688 board to the Internet in the Connect to the Internet step. But first, you need to configure the board.

Step 3 — Access the LinkIt Smart 7688 Web UI configuration tools

You'll now setup the LinkIt Smart 7688 Web UI, a tool to configure the settings of your board.

  • Set a password using at least six alphanumeric characters and click SUBMIT. Enter the password again and click SIGN IN.

If the board has a password and you don’t remember it, use a USB drive to update the firmware or press and hold the WiFi button for at least 20 seconds to return the board to the factory defaults. Note; that if you use either of these methods, they will reset the board to default settings and all user data will be removed. For more information on how to update the firmware using a USB drive or how to use the buttons please refer to the LinkIt Smart 7688 Developer’s Guide.

You’re now signed into the board’s Web UI and you can move on to install the latest firmware. 

NextUpdate your board's firmware.