Update your board’s firmware

It’s recommended that you update the firmware of your new board before starting development to ensure it’s running the latest version.

To complete this task:

  • Download the latest firmware.
  • Update your LinkIt Smart 7688 development board’s firmware using Web UI.

NextAccess the LinkIt Smart 7688 System Console through SSH.

Step 1 — Download the latest firmware

  • The Downloads page includes the latest firmware, bootloader, OpenWrt SDK and OpenWrt toolchain you need to develop applications for LinkIt Smart 7688 development platform. However you can also download the firmware directly here. Download and unzip the firmware into a location on your computer, such as C:\{firmware}.
  • Note the location of the firmware file lks7688.img, for example C:\{firmware}\lks7688.img.

Step 2 — Run the LinkIt Smart 7688 firmware updater application

  • In the Web UI home page, click UPGRADE FIRMWARE, as shown below.

LinkIt Smart 7688 firmware update

  • Click Choose the file and select the lks7688.img file, then click UPGRADE & RESTART, as shown below.

Selecting the firmware file and starting the update

  • The firmware uploads to your board. Please make sure the board stays connected to its power source until the firmware update is complete. Notice the Wi-Fi LED blinks for about 3 minutes (firmware is updating), then the board will restart and the LED lights will stay on for about 30 seconds (rebooting). Finally, the board enters AP mode and is ready to be connected.
  • Find the LinkIt_Smart_7688_XXXXXX AP and connect the board through Wi-Fi. Notice the Wi-Fi LED blinks 3 times per second after the board is connected to a client device. Now, reload the mylinkit.local webpage, set a new password and sign in. The new firmware version details will be displayed under Software information, as shown below.

The firmware update information

You now have the latest firmware on your LinkIt Smart 7688 development board. You can move on to interacting with your board through the System Console.

NextAccess the LinkIt Smart 7688 System Console through SSH.