Install the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo COM port driver

If you’re working on a Windows PC you will need to install the COM port driver for LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo. If you are working on a Mac or Linux PC you don't need to install a driver:

  • On Linux the board is in the /dev folder and mounted as ttyUSB0.
  • On OS X the board is mounted as a serial device under /dev/tty.usbmodem1413 where the number (1413) may be different on your computer.

On a Windows PC, to complete this section, you’ll:

  • Connect LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo to a computer.
  • Install drivers.

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Step 1 — Connect LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo development board to a computer

Plug in a micro-USB cable to the Power/MCU connector of your LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo board and the other end to your computer.

Step 2 — Install drivers 

  • Install a Serial COM port INF driver from here or the folder: 
    You can find the ARDUINO_IDE_PREFERENCE_LOCATION from the File menu item Preferences. See the preference.txt path, as shown below.

Arduino Preference location

  • Once you have downloaded or located linkit_smart_7688.inf on the shortcut menu click Install. A security windows will open, as shown below, click Install this driver software anyway. This completes the driver installation.

Driver installation security warning

On Windows 10, you may need to disable the Driver Signature Enforcement feature. Please refer to this page on how to do so.

With the driver installed, you’re ready to create and run your first Arduino sketch. 

Next: Create and run your first example.