Pre-installed OpenWrt Packages in LinkIt Smart 7688 Firmware

The following OpenWrt Packages are pre-installed in the platform:

Package Description
Dropbear A light-weight SSH server
cURL Command line tool for transferring data with URL syntax
stty Enables setting of the options for a terminal device interface
UVC USB camera support Kernel drivers for USB camera support
Python Python language support
pySerial Library providing serial port access functions in Python
Node.js JavaScript language support
node-serialport Library providing serial port access functions in JavaScript
Bridge library Arduino Yun Bridge library
libmraa C/C++ library with bindings to JavaScript and Python for I/O interface in Linux
UPM A set of sensor drivers written in libmraa
OpenSSL Toolkit for TLS/SSL protocols and cryptography library
AVAHI Facilitates service discovery on a local network using the mDNS/DNS-SD protocol suite
AVRDUDE Command line tool for flashing code to MCU from Linux