Factory reset

You can reset the firmware to its original state with a factory reset.


Performing a factory reset erases all data and system changes you've made to the firmware, such as root password, Wi-Fi configuration and opkg installation.

Using the Web UI

Sign in the Web UI, under Factory reset, click RESET, as shown below: 

Using the Wi-Fi reset button

  1. Boot up the board and wait for the WiFi LED to go off.
  2. Press and hold the WiFi button for at least 20 seconds then release.
  3. The WiFi LED will blink fast for 1 second, and then reboot to perform a factory reset.


The WiFi LED will light up for 1 second while resetting the Wi-Fi mode. If you see this instead of blinking fast, you need to make sure you have pressed the WiFi button more than 20 seconds.