Switch to AP mode

When LinkIt Smart 7688 development board runs in Station mode, it connects to a wireless router through Wi-Fi. To connect to the board, our PC needs to be in the same local network as the board. However, to connect to the board directly without using any additional router, switch the board from Station mode back to the AP mode and connect to it.

There are two methods to achieve this purpose:

Step 1 — Apply UCI commands to disable the Station mode

Enter the following commands in the system console of the LinkIt Smart 7688 development board, if you're using firmware with v0.9.4 or above:

Command for v0.9.4 or above
# wifi_mode ap

If you're with an older firmware version (v0.9.3 or earlier), please type the commands below:

Commands for v0.9.3 or earlier
# uci set wireless.sta.disabled=1  
# uci commit 

Step 2 — Restart the Wi-Fi driver

Enter the command in the console:

# wifi
After the Wi-Fi driver restarts, the PC should be able to scan the LinkIt Smart 7688 AP as shown in the video of the Reset Wi-Fi configuration section. Also the Wi-Fi status can be checked through the LED behavior.