What Next?

Congratulations. You’ve set up your LinkIt Smart 7688 development board, run an example using Python and connected the device to the internet. Now you can find more information, tutorials, resources and inspiration from the following links:

LinkIt Smart 7688 Developer’s Guide

This document provides detailed information on the LinkIt Smart 7688 development board, software and tools, introduction to OpenWrt and programming guides. You can download it from  here .

Join the conversation, solve issues and more

Check out the LinkIt Smart 7688 forums to talk with other developers, get answers to your technical issues, sahre ideas and more.

LinkIt Smart 7688 and MediaTek Cloud Sandbox

You can use your LinkIt Smart 7688 development board in conjunction with MediaTek Cloud Sandbox (MCS), the free service where you can store and visualize your device data and control your device from the cloud in a browser or from your Android device. To get started follow one of these tutorials:

Hackster.io community projects

The maker community at Hackster.io have created a number of projects based on the LinkIt Smart 7688 development platform. Check them out and get inspired:

  • LinkIt Smart 7688/ONE Sensor Project  — Use two Linkit devices to monitor and track then notify movements and clicks within your home on a centralized router.
  • Who’s Home  — A "smart router" that listens for devices connected to Wi-Fi and helps determine who is home, based on those connections.
  • Zoned Climate Control  — Intelligently control the temperature of the room you're in.

Check out more projects created by Hackster makers for LinkIt Smart 7688 here.

Seeed Studio Recipes

Seeed Studio have a number of recipes for LinkIt Smart 7688 development platform projects, including:

  • Smart Wi-Fi Audio  — Play music from your mobile phone over Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi speakers include a display that shows the IP address and song title on a Grove RGB Backlight LCD.
  • Facebook Likes Reminder  — Receive alerts when you get a new Like on Facebook. A new Like causes the device to vibrate and twinkle, while a screen shows the Facebook likes.

Check out more recipes for the LinkIt Smart 7688 development platform here.

More documentation and training

Check out the resources page for pin-out diagrams, hardware reference designs, Fritzing diagrams and more.