Install Arduino IDE with Board Support Package

The Arduino IDE provides support for the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo development board with a board support package. This section describes how to install the software. To complete this section, you’ll:

  • Install Arduino IDE 1.6.4 or later.
  • Install board support package.

Step 1: Install Arduino IDE

The Arduino IDE provides your coding environment and is used to monitor the development board. LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo supports Arduino IDE version 1.6.4 or later.

Step 2: Install the board support package

For Arduino IDE to recognize the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo development board, you need to install a board support package.

Board Manager URL

  • Make sure your computer is connected to the internet.
  • In the Tools menu point to Board then click Boards Manager, as shown below.

Board Manager menu option

  • The Board Manager downloads list of boards automatically. It may take several seconds for Boards Manager to download the repository. 

    If a download error occurs (see below), remove the cached .json file. The location of the cached .json file is the same as the location of the preferences.txt file. It can be found in the Arduino IDE under the File menu by clicking Preferences.

  • A LinkIt Smart 7688 item should appear in the boards list on the Boards Manager, as shown below. Select the LinkIt Smart 7688 version and click Install.

LinkIt Smart 7688 board package ready to install

  • When installation completes, the Board Manager indicates that the package is installed, as shown below.

LinkIt Smart 7688 board package installed

  • LinkIt Smart 7688 is now available for use as one of the target boards in the Arduino IDE, as shown below.

LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo board available in the Arduino IDE

Before you can start development, you have one further setup task, to install the LinkIt Smart 7688 COM port driver.