.Pre-installed OpenWrt Packages in LinkIt Smart 7688 Firmware

The following OpenWrt Packages are pre-installed in the platform:

DropbearA light-weight SSH server
cURLCommand line tool for transferring data with URL syntax
sttyEnables setting of the options for a terminal device interface
UVC USB camera supportKernel drivers for USB camera support
PythonPython language support
pySerialLibrary providing serial port access functions in Python
Node.jsJavaScript language support
node-serialportLibrary providing serial port access functions in JavaScript
Bridge libraryArduino Yun Bridge library
libmraaC/C++ library with bindings to JavaScript and Python for I/O interface in Linux
UPMA set of sensor drivers written in libmraa
OpenSSLToolkit for TLS/SSL protocols and cryptography library
AVAHIFacilitates service discovery on a local network using the mDNS/DNS-SD protocol suite
AVRDUDECommand line tool for flashing code to MCU from Linux