C/C++ Programming

The LinkIt Smart 7688 development platform runs in OpenWrt Linux environment that supports development in C/C++. Programs written in C/C++ are usually called native applications. With native applications, you can create drivers, frameworks and system applications for devices that require optimal performance.

Native applications require toolchain programs to compile and link C/C++ source code into executable binaries. While you can install development tools on LinkIt Smart 7688 Linux environment directly, the board’s 128MB of RAM may be insufficient for use and this can become a limitation for native application development.

To avoid running out of memory, setup the native application development environment in a more powerful host environment that enables to cross-compile the application into the executable format supported on the LinkIt Smart 7688 development board.

The cross compilation toolchain is included in the software package of the LinkIt Smart 7688 SDK and supports Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux. Windows isn’t supported at the time of writing.

To use the cross compilation toolchain and SDK: