Get Started with the 7688 Board

To start, get the hardware and software you need:

  • A computer with Wi-Fi.
  • An access point connected to the internet. The AP should have either open access (requires no password) or WPA/WPA2 encryption. APs that require Web-based authentication are not supported.
  • A micro-USB cable.
  • A LinkIt Smart 7688 development board.
  • PuTTY for Microsoft Windows (for Windows only).
  • Bonjour print service (for Windows 7 only), to use local domain mylinkit.local.

Step 1: Get Your LinkIt Smart 7688 Development Board

Purchase the LinkIt Smart 7688 development board from Seeed Studio.

Step 2: Install PuTTY (for Windows only)

PuTTY provides you with the system console environment using Secure Socket Shell (SSH) access to the development board’s operating system.

Step 3: Install Bonjour Print Service (for Windows 7 only)

The LinkIt Smart 7688 development board uses mylinkit.local as its local domain name. In Windows 7, you’ll need to install theBonjour print service because mDNS is not supported. This helps your computer discover the LinkIt Smart 7688’s IP address within the local domain. For more information on the Bonjour print service, see here. For Windows 8 and later, Mac OS X and Linux, mDNS is supported and you can use mylinkit.local without additional software.

If you're using a virtual machine, please note that mDNS may have problems reaching the guest OS network. If it does, please use the host OS browser for the next step: signing into the board’s Web UI.

You now have all the hardware and software you need to get started.