Connect to the Internet with 7688 Duo Board

In order for your board to access the internet, it needs to join a Wi-Fi network that has an access point connected to the internet, and to do that the board needs to be in Station mode. To complete this task, you’ll:

  • Connect your LinkIt Smart 7688 board to a Wi-Fi access point with internet access.
  • Connect the host computer to an AP in same network.
  • Open the Terminal emulator and sign in.
  • Check for an internet connection.

Step 1: Connecting LinkIt Smart 7688 to a Wi-Fi Access Point with Internet Access

  • In a browser open mylinkit.local, and sign-in to the Web UI with your password. In the Web UI click Network, as shown below.

Open network setting in Web UI

  • In the Network Settings screen select Station mode. Choose the AP you wish to connect to from the Detected Wi-Fi network list, if the AP you wish to use isn't shown, click REFRESH and look for it again. After you’ve selected the AP, enter the password if required. Click CONFIGURE & RESTART to finish, as shown below.

    If you enter the AP’s password incorrectly, you can reset the board to AP mode by pressing the Wi-Fi button for at least 5 seconds and release. You can then repeat the Station mode network settings setup.

    Changing to Station mode in Web UI


  • After you’ve switched to Station mode, the Wi-Fi LED confirms this by blinking once every two seconds.
  • As the Wi-Fi mode has changed, your host computer has disconnected from LinkIt Smart 7688. If you try to reload the web UI, you’ll see that it is no longer available. To establish the connection again, follow the next step.

Step2: Connect the host computer to an AP in same network

  • Open the Wi-Fi connection utility on your computer and connect to the same access point you used in Step 1. Your computer is now under the same local area network formed by the Wi-Fi Access Point you connected to, as shown below.

Network with LinkIt Smart 7688 in Station Mode

Step3: Open the Terminal Emulator and Sign In

Once your host computer has joined the same Wi-Fi network as your board, you can again connect to LinkIt Smart 7688 through the mylinkit.local domain.

Step 4: Check for Internet Connection

  • Now check if you’ve established an internet connection by typing ping –c 5 in the Terminal window.
  • If you see a screen similar to the one below, then you’ve connected to the Wi-Fi network’s AP. The Wi-Fi LED will blink once every second indicating Station mode is active. If the ping utility reports errors such as unreachable destination, check the setting of your Wireless AP.

LinkIt Smart 7688 in Station mode connected to a Wi-Fi AP

Congratulations. You have now run your first app on the LinkIt Smart 7688 development board and connected it to the internet. Now you can find some suggestions on what to do next.