Update the firmware with a USB drive

The LinkIt Smart 7688 SDK package includes the latest firmware for your LinkIt Smart 7688 development board, which may not have been installed at the factory. It is strongly recommended to update the firmware of your new board before proceeding with development. This section describes how to update the firmware with a USB drive and an OTG cable. The same firmware applies to both LinkIt Smart 7688 and LinkIt Smart 7688 development boards.



  1. Download the latest LinkIt Smart 7688 Firmware.
  2. Unzip and copy the image lks7688.img file to the root directory of a FAT32 USB drive.
  3. Attach the USB drive to the HOST port of the board with an OTG cable.
  4. Press and hold the on-board WiFi button.
  5. Press the MPU reset button once while holding the WiFi button.
  6. Keep holding the WiFi button for about 5 seconds. Do not release until the orange LED for WiFi is off.
    • DO NOT press the WiFi button longer than 20s or it will upgrade the bootloader.
  7. The WiFi LED blinks fast for about 3 minutes.
  8. The device will automatically reboot after firmware update is complete. 


Use a USB drive formatted in FAT32 file system. The firmware update procedure does not recognize any other type of USB drives that might appear as CD-ROM devices.