Update the firmware with Web UI

The LinkIt Smart 7688 SDK package includes the latest firmware for your LinkIt Smart 7688 development board, which may not have been installed at the factory. It is strongly recommended to update firmware of your new board. This section describes how to update the firmware through Web UI.

You can also update the firmware during boot-up if you have a USB OTG cable and a USB drive.

Quick steps

The same firmware applies both to LinkIt Smart 7688 and LinkIt Smart 7688 development boards.



Step 1 — Download and unzip LinkIt Smart 7688 Firmware

  1. Download and unzip the firmware into a permanent location on your computer, such as D:\{SDK package}.
  2. Note the location of the firmware file lks7688.img, for example: D:\{SDK package}\lks7688.img

Step 2 — Run the LinkIt Smart 7688 Firmware Updater Application

  1. In the Web UI home page, click Upgrade Firmware, as shown below: 

  2. Click Choose the file and select the image lks7688.img file, then click Upgrade & Restart, as shown below. 
  3. The firmware uploads to LinkIt Smart 7688. The WiFi LED will start blinking fast. Do not press the PWR button or reset the board. Please make sure the board stays connected to its power source until the firmware update is complete. A message confirms that the firmware is updated, click OK.

  4. After approximately 3 minutes, the WiFi LED will light solid to indicate that the firmware update is complete. The device will automatically reboot.

  5. After 30 seconds or more, the WiFi LED turns off. Now scan and connect to the 7688 AP, reload the mylinkit.localwebpage, set a new password and sign in. The new firmware version details will be displayed in the software information, as shown below.

You now have the latest firmware on your LinkIt Smart 7688 development board.