Update Bootloader and Firmware

To update or restore the bootloader and the built-in Wi-Fi/BLE firmware for LinkIt 7697 with Arduino IDE, you'll need:

  • Arduino IDE version 1.8.1 or later
  • Update to LinkIt 7697 Arduino Support Package v0.8.4 or later

Follow the instructions below to update the bootloader and firmware. If you are interested in how it works, refer to the MT76x7 uploader tool.

Arduino IDE Instructions

  1. Install board support package v0.8.4 or later. You can follow the instructions here.
  2. Connect LinkIt 7697 to you computer and set the board to LinkIt 7697
  3. Select COM port
  4. Select Tool > Programmer to LinkIt 7697 Bootloader & Firmware Updater
  5. Select Tool > Burn Bootloader and wait for the bootloader and firmware update procedure to finish.
  6. There should be update log similar to the example below - this indicates that the bootloader and Wi-Fi/BLE firmware has been updated successfully.