Grove Starter Kit

You can purchase the LinkIt 7697 Starter Kit from Seeed Studio. In this page, we'll show you how to use the peripherals provided in the Starter Kit. Corresponding example codes and drivers are explained in each tutorial, including the porting guideline if you're using sources from the repository of the vendor directly. We've also maintained one repository to host drivers which had been ported to and can be used on the LinkIt 7697. Using those drivers will ease the porting process for making them available on the LinkIt 7697. And next we'll guide you through how to install them.

Install Drivers

Following the "Download Drivers" link above you will see all the drivers ported to the LinkIt 7697, including the ones for the Starter Kit. Click the "Clone or download" button and select the "Download ZIP" menu" as below:

After the download is done, unzip the zip file and you'll see all the drivers:

Select drivers you need (in this example, we select all of them) and copy them to the $SKETCHBOOK_PATH/libraries folder.

  • The path will be C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\Arduino\libraries in Windows
  • The path will be USER_NAME/Documents/Arduino/libraries in macOS

Re-start the Arduino IDE and check the Files / Examples menu. Newly added drivers and corresponding examples will be shown in the Examples from Custom Libraries section:

and these examples are used to demonstrate functionalities of peripheral devices in the Starter Kit.

Kit Contents

Below is the list of the sensors and modules inside the Starter Kit. Follow the links to see corresponding tutorials: