Robot Shield

Robot Shield for LinkIt 7697 is designed and manufactured by MiniPlan, which fully utilized the capability of LinkIt 7697 and enabled developers to easily build a variety of robots.

(Left: Robot Shield for LinkIt 7697, Right: LinkIt 7697)

Built-in 250mAh Battery

LinkIt 7697 plugged into Robot Shield

Key Features

  • 10 sets of PWM to control up to 10 servos
  • 2 sets of motor control
  • 1 set of I2C extension socket
  • 250 mAh Battery included (Lithium-ion Capacitor)
    • Higher output (2.5A) to drive more servos and motors 
    • Faster recharge (5V/2.5A) 
    • Longer life cycle (3000 times rechargeable)
    • Safer, do not explode
  • Compact all-in-one design (Lenght / Width / Height)



  • OTTO97: A cute 2-feet robot can walk, dance and sing and control by your mobile phone.

  • Wall-E : Modified by using Tamiya Cam-Program Robot.