On this page you can find downloads for documentation that will help you make the most of the MediaTek LinkIt™ development platform for RTOS and its supported HDKs.

Please refer to the platform license agreement before accessing and using these documents.

Chipset Information

DocumentDescriptionLatest Update
MT2523 Product BriefSummary guide to the features of MT2523D/G. 2016/11/04
MT2523 DatasheetDetailed information on the features of MT2523D/G. 2017/01/13
MT2523 Technical Reference Manual

This document guides you through the control flow and register usage of MT2523D/G.


HDK and Tools

DocumentDescriptionLatest Update
LinkIt 2523 HDK Product BriefThis product brief provides a summary of the LinkIt 2523 development board’s features.2016/11/04
LinkIt 2523 Development Board User’s GuideThis guide describes the hardware features of the LinkIt 2523 development board, its pin layout and how to configure its various features.2016/11/04
LinkIt 2523 Development Board Power Consumption Measurement GuideThis guide describes the necessary jumper settings and pins to use to measure power consumption on the board.2017/01/13
MT2523 Flash Tool User’s GuideThis guide describes how to setup the Flash tool, format storage, download and upload images, clone an image and operate e-Fuse.2016/11/04
LinkIt 2523 Development Board Hardware Reference DesignThis package includes the PCB layout and schematic for the LinkIt 2523 development board. The files are in  Mentor Graphics PADS  format for which there is a  free viewer . A PDF of the schematic is also provided.2016/04/01
LinkIt 2523 HDK PCB Layout GuideThis document provides design guidelines for a 4-layer PCB board of the LinkIt 2523 HDK.2016/09/02
MediaTek Easy PinMux User’s GuideThis guide explain how to use the Easy PinMux tool to configure the pin multiplexor (PinMux) and related driver settings and output C header and source files for use in device software.2016/11/04

SDK and Software Development

DocumentDescriptionLatest Update
API Reference for MT2523This API reference provides details about using the functions of the hardware abstraction layers, peripheral drivers and FreeRTOS.2017/01/13
SDK Examples GuideThis guide provides details of the examples and demos included in the LinkIt SDK v4.


Get Started GuideThis guide provides details on how to set up and use the SDK within ARM Keil μVision and IAR or from the command line tool. For each option the guide covers setup, building projects, running projects and configuring debug. Information on advanced use of the network and peripheral driver functions is also provided.2017/01/13
LinkIt SDK Build Environment ManualThis document provides a guide to the MediaTek LinkIt™ software development kit (SDK) v3 build environment and describes how to build projects using the default GCC cross compiler on Linux and Windows.2017/01/13
Open Source Components GuideThis guide provides information on the various open source components used in the platform, including FreeRTOS, lwIP, mbed TLS, mbed HTTP Client, Mini-XML, cJSON, lwIP-contrib SMTP, MediaTek minimal DHCPD, Paho Embedded MQTT C/C++ client, axTLS HTTPD and nghttp2. This new version includes CMSIS, is a vendor -independent hardware abstraction layer for the Cortex -M processor series, and LZMA, an algorithm for performing lossless data compression.2017/01/13
Bluetooth Developer's GuideThis guide describes the support for Bluetooth provided in the platform. It describes the library and supporting examples, offers detail on the BR/EDR and Bluetooth LE profiles, and covers custom application development and use of the debugging logs.2017/02/22
GNSS Developer's GuideThis guide describes the GNSS module and its architecture, provides information on transferring GNSS data in various formats and protocols along with details of the corresponding APIs and commands, details of the low power features and EPO, and offers instructions on developing GNSS applications.2016/09/09
Power Mode Developer's GuideThis document describes the MCU system’s power mode configuration and power consumption measurement features, focusing on the power modes provided by MediaTek LinkIt development platform for RTOS.2017/01/13
System Log Developer's GuideThis guide provides information on how to use the log feature to debug devices during development.2017/01/13
Memory Layout Developer's GuideThis guide provides guidance on using the Serial Flash, SYSRAM and Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM) in your device software.2016/11/04
Firmware Update Developer's GuideThis guide describes how to create a FOTA update for hardware based on the MediaTek MT7687 SOC. The guide covers tool packaging, use of the FOTA CLI, compile options, buffer partition configuration and the download and update agent's workflows.2016/11/04
LCM Porting GuideThis guide provides detailed description on LCM porting, including the LCM driver creation and backlight control.2016/11/04