LinkIt 7697 BLE iBeacon

How to use BLE to emulate iBeacon on LinkIt 7697 HDK

Additinal resource can be found at

Linkit 7697 HDK is only supported by LinkIt SDK 4.3 and later version.
There might be compile error to use them on older version.

Source Code

Folder Structure

  • project/linkit7697_hdk/apps/ble_ibeacon: LinkIt SDK project files.

How to Build

Device Side

  • Put/Extract the files into SDK root, so that there is [SDK_root]/project/linkit7697_hdk/apps/ble_ibeacon
  • Execute ./ linkit7697_hdk ble_ibeacon under Linux enviornment
  • Check generated bin at [SDK_root]/out/linkit7697_hdk/ble_ibeacon/ble_ibeacon.bin
  • Use Flashtool to download [SDK_root]/out/linkit7697_hdk/ble_ibeacon/flash_download.ini into LinkIt 7697 HDK

Mobile Side

  • Install any beacon app (ex. Locate Beacon app)

How to Run


  • Turn on Device, when it is ready, it will start "BLE Advertising"

Mobile Side

Device Side

Below are log output from UART port of LinkIt 7697 HDK 

Message Sequence Chart